Avani Wild Silk Shawls

Co-founder of Brooklyn-based DH Studio, Ashley Thorfinnson wears her favorite design from our Avani fall collection: Avani Wild Silk & Merino Wool Shawl in Olive. Naturally dyed, handspun, handwoven eri silk and merino wool. Wrapped in Avani wild silk. How sustainably smart and stylish.

DH Studio works with nonprofits, social ventures, startups and companies, using design as a tool to help them achieve their social, environmental and business goals. DH Studio is partnering with Tilonia and other artisan enterprises to create contemporary, modern product lines routed in craft traditions.
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Women's Accessories

Women's Accessories

Ready, Set, Go!

Ready, Set, Go on a Weekend Away. Tilonia's Accessories collection includes blockprinted cosmetic bags and travel bags that are perfect for weekend trips to the country, a day at the beach or a trip to the gym. Add a bright and colorful tiedyed wrap for an eye-catching accessory. As the sun sets wrap yourself in elegant Avani silk shawls that transition perfectly from day into night. Pamper yourself in these shimmering soft silk shawls, handwoven and naturally dyed by rural artisans in the Himalayas. Tuck your laptop and files into our roomy, leather tote when you head back to the office.