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The Ordinary Heroes of Afghanistan

The Ordinary Heroes of Afghanistan

Barefoot solar engineers bring light to remote, poor villages all over the world.

This short film documents the remarkable story of 10 Afghan men and women who travel to the Barefoot College of Tilonia in India to become “Barefoot” Solar Engineers.

Operating with the conviction that "experts" don't have all the answers and that technology can be demystified, The Barefoot College applies entrepreneurial creativity to the most complex development problems, yielding extraordinary results. The Barefoot College has already trained semi-literate “Barefoot” professionals to solar electrify over 200 remote communities across India and is now training Barefoot Solar Engineers in 9 developing countries around the world, including Afghanistan.

As documented in The Ordinary Heroes of Afghanistan, the Barefoot College organized five remote Afghani villages to select 10 representatives to become Barefoot Solar Engineers, brought them to India for six months of training, and purchased and transported solar panels to solar electrify the villages for five years, all for less than the cost of hiring one UN or World Bank Consultant in Kabul for one year.

The Ordinary Heroes of Afghanistan was produced by the Barefoot College and Roughcut Productions with support from a Skoll Foundation grant.
(DVD, 20 minutes, 2006)

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