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Barefoot Solar Engineers of Ethiopia

Barefoot Solar Engineers of Ethiopia

This short film documents the journey of 34 men and women from Ethiopia who travel to the Barefoot College of Tilonia in India to become "Barefoot" solar engineers. For 6 months, these engineering students work side by side with their India counter-parts, mastering the technology needed to assemble and maintain solar power systems, or build rooftop rainwater harvesting. With the technology de-mystified, they return to Ethiopia to solar electrify their own communities.

Today, this collaboration and partnership between poor communities, international agencies and governments is enabling more communities in Ethiopia and the rest of Africa to train barefoot professionals who develop their own communities.

Barefoot Solar Engineers of Ethiopia was produced by the Barefoot College and Roughcut Productions with support from a Skoll Foundation grant.
(DVD, 20 minutes, 2006) Visit the Barefoot College website to learn more about barefoot sustainable development >